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    What we do

    A specialist green investor

    Accelerating the transition to net zero

    To support a low carbon transition, annual clean energy investment will need to more than triple by 20301, demanding an unprecedented flow of investment across the capital structure.

    That’s why we’re a specialist green investor, and a global leader in the development of companies, assets and technologies that will accelerate the global transition to net zero.

    £26+ bn?committed or arranged

    to support green energy projects

    90+ GW in development

    active across 25+ markets globally

    Supported 5+ GW

    of renewable energy projects with PPAs

    Why Macquarie Asset Management's Green Investment Group?

    Our expert team, focused entirely on accelerating the transition, are green investment specialists.? Operating within Macquarie Asset Management, we mobilise and invest third party institutional capital to support the geen transition and manage capital?on behalf of long-term investors such as pension funds and insurance companies to support the build-out and operation of vital clean energy projects around the world.

    Explore our experience


    Every market and client has a unique decarbonisation pathway and investment need, requiring a tailored mix of green?energy solutions. So we?don’t specialise in just one technology,?we work across them all.

    We work to support the deployement of mature technologies, like wind and solar power, at scale. And we support the commercial deployment of innovative technologies that will shape our energy systems of the future, including hydrogen, CCUS, and e-mobility.

    Explore our work across technologies

    Offshore wind

    Onshore wind

    Energy efficiency

    Waste to energy

    Surveying Engineers in safety wear in solar farm
    Surveying Engineers in safety wear in solar farm

    Our projects and perspectives

    Learn more


    1.? https://www.iea.org/reports/net-zero-by-2050

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