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    Steel pipe with worker
    Steel pipe with worker

    What we do

    Power purchase agreements

    Powering businesses with renewable enegy

    Power purchase agreements (PPAs) can help businesses achieve sustainability goals and lock in long-term pricing?for electricity, helping to manage the risk of volatile power?markets and generate savings on energy bills.

    A PPA is a contract between a seller and a buyer of electricity, usually?long-term in nature and specifically regarding the sale and purchase of?renewable energy.

    Our team of experts have:

    Over 90+ GW

    of renewable energy capacity in development globally

    Supported 5+ GW?

    of renewable energy projects with PPAs

    Supported 25+ corporates

    with their green transition through PPAs


    Why Macquarie Asset Management's Green Investment Group?

    Our in-house team are experts at structuring tailored PPA solutions. Our partners come from a range of sectors, all with different energy goals.

    We've supported more than 25 corporates with their transition, to the tune of over 4.5 GW of energy; including structuring one of the world longest PPAs, as well as one of the world's largest.

    We understand the importance of measuring the green impact of PPAs. That's why we use our?market leading methodology to provide a Carbon Score, quantifying the carbon benefits of the project?supplying the energy. You can learn more about our green impact reporting methodology?here.

    The benefits of PPAs

    Achieve sustainability goals

    A PPA can move businesses closer to?achieving?carbon neutrality by lowering?scope 2 emissions (emissions from the?purchase of energy). PPA?solutions can help with scope 3?(supply chain) emissions.

    Increase control

    Energy markets are volatile. PPAs can lock in power prices, reduce exposure to market fluctuations and?provide long-term budget certainty.?

    Flexible PPAs can also enable businesses to secure?a discount on wider market prices, lowering energy spend.

    Know the source of electricity

    Renewable energy certificates, for example Guarantees of Origin (GoO) or other Renewable Energy Certificates track the source of renewable power.

    Do you have questions about PPAs?

    Do you have questions about PPAs?

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